Online Reputation Management in 3 Simple Steps

All business have to keep track of their online reputation. It takes only a few hours before a customer’s bad experience gets online, goes viral and has a negative impact. What is worse is when you do not know about this, and you cannot get to the top of the situation. Here are three simple steps you can do to manage your online reputation.

Build your online presence

The first step to a good online reputation is to build an online presence. This can be done with the use of a website, social media, business review sites and blog. Companies that operate completely offline can no longer neglect the power of the internet. As suggests, a good online presence is equally important to offline advertising. When starting out, the first step is to create a website and join a social media site. You can post updates, engage with users and respond to other pages by following them. You can also have customers post reviews of your business. Positive reviews are a great forward leap to a good online reputation.

Outsource to reputation management services

Luckily, there are lots of reputation management services available today. Making an online reputation is different from managing the reputation. Companies that offer SEO services should are increasingly adopting Reputation Management Online services. Medellin SEO is an example of a company that recently started offering Online Reputation Management services You can find lots of companies today that offer reputation management services.

Be proactive

It is always better to keep your brand positive than to try to handle the negative impact. Keep your brand’s reputation positive from the start and not leave it at the mercy of your competitors. Online reputation services start once you have an online presence. It offers you a chance to build that reputation and get that reputation going on for yours. A proactive reputation campaign can be seen as an image building campaign. It has its primary focus on Search Engine Optimization. Other forms of services can include press releases, blog posts, articles, and social networking to help with link building. A good reputation builds your company as a genuine brand that understands its responsibilities to clients.

Dick Devos

The early days of Grand Rapids were a bit stagnant. The city hadn’t seen too much growth. However, the DeVos family was there to help the town. It was in the 1990s that DeVos went a step further and began working with local leaders through Grand Action. The committee was there to ensure that city planning included new ideas to promote commerce and growth. Since that time, Grand Rapids has grown considerably. Now it’s one of the fastest growing places in America. Part of that has to do with the new buildings and support from the Devos Family Foundation.


Devos now works with the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington in addition to leading his own company and working with student pilots. The Federal Aviation Administration nominated DeVos after seeing his work with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Through his work with the airlines like AirTran Airways, he was able to bring in more business. Ultimately, this helped the airport become more popular with the business traveler crowd.


DeVos then also talked to the CEO of Southwest when the company bought out AirTran in the 2000s. He convinced the CEO that he should expand services at the airport because of how well the strategy had worked to bring in new travelers. Southwest’s CEO agreed, and the airport grew again. Now it will be completing a $45 million renovation in 2018, which will have a new business traveler center, as well as a new food court.


The FAA has come under fire from the president for falling behind other countries in terms of security and modern technology. It will be up to the FAA to continue to meet these challengers in the next years. Part of that will be Devos working with them on what they can do help airports improve services and get funding to do so. Devos was able to help Gerald R. Ford International Airport expand.


Of course, there are those who also wonder whether Dick Devos is shooting for another goal by joining the FAA. Will he be working towards political aspirations? It’s too soon to tell. For now, his wife, the 11th US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos continues to hold down the fort.


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Jose Auriemo Neto Influence on the Success of JHSF

JHSF is a publically traded company founded in 1972. JHSF was initially focusing on construction and real estate development. Over the years the company has expanded its business portfolio and it is among the reasons for its success as the leader in the real estate industry in the entire country of Brazil. JHSF has significant participation in various businesses including; residential and commercial developments, management and development of luxury hotels, executive airports as well as shopping malls.

JHSF has a reputation across the country as a company that has identified numerous opportunities that no other business was able to see. JHSF has been referred to as daring and innovative because of the sustainable solutions it has presented through its various developments and projects. These qualities are part of the company and are partly responsible for steering the company to great success. The company’s presence has been felt in international capitals like New York City, Miami, and Punta del Este. Its operations are under four business segments comprising of Airport, Fasano Hotel & Restaurant, Shopping Center and Incorporation. It has its headquarters at Sao Paulo and has employed over 5,000 employees.

Jose Auriemo Neto has been the company’s chairman since 1993 and also previously worked as CEO between 2006 and 2014. He is the person behind growing JHSF to the successful company it is now. Since he took over the management of the company, the company has grown to be the leader in the industry. Among his early contributions was the introduction of a service department in 1997 and in 1998 he developed a department specializing in shopping malls. Three years later he led the project of developing the first shopping mall in the country. Over the years, NHSF has added a number of other shopping malls in its portfolio

Jose Auriemo Neto is also responsible for the company’s undertakings on executive airports in the country. In 2016, he championed the development of an executive airport that is situated in Sao Paulo. Further, he influenced the step that the business made to expand their business beyond the borders of Brazil to the USA and Uruguay. Overall, it is under Jose Auriemo Neto’s leadership that JHSF has prospered.

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Neurocore – Providing Hope for the Future

Neurotherapy is a brain mapping technique that uses electrical impulses to monitor brain wave activity. The first uses of this therapy to track brain signals and diagnose disfunction dates back to the end of the 18th century in Italy. Since then, brain mapping and EEG technology have become so advanced that doctors use neurotherapy or neurofeedback to not only diagnosis disorders but also to improve brain efficiency. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

One of the companies employing neurofeedback techniques is Neurocare. Doctors here use this non-invasive therapy to treat disorders such as ADHD, anxiety and depression. Research has shown that patients suffering from these mental disorders have hyper or imbalanced levels of brain activity. The Neurocore approach is to use neurofeedback to retrain the brain so that it remains balanced at all times and therefore functions more effectively. This treatment provides advantages over the traditional medication approach since it attacks the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. It also has none of the negative side effects that are often present in someone on a medication regimen. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore has been successful with this approach, particularly when treating children and teenagers dealing with ADHD. These patients have shown more concentration in school, a greater ability to complete homework and class assignments, and more appropriate socialization skills. Just as importantly, about 70% of those treated are less reliant on medications.

Since the establishment of the first Neurocare Brain Performance Center in 2004, the company has become recognized nationally for its positive outcomes. Neurologists continue to gather data to assess brain functioning so that this technology can be offered to a wider variety of patients. Patients are now being taught how to better control impulses and redirect energies in order to change sleep patterns, more effectively manage reactions to stress, and improve overall concentration. As the research progresses, those suffering from mental disorders may have greater hope for a more positive future.


The Role Played by Peter Briger, Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998. The founders started the company with the view of becoming the best company in private equity investments. The company has grown exponentially, and currently, they have more than $43 billion under their management. The company has focused most of their efforts in diversifying the investment portfolios of their clients and hiring the right executives to make this happen the first step in the right direction. One of the company’s leaders who has been credited with its massive success is Peter Briger, the co-principal and the chairman to the board of directors. Read more at

Peter Briger has served as a member of the board of directors at the company since November 2006. Three years after he was appointed as a board member, he was elected to be the co-chairman to the board. He has been part of the management committee at the company for the past 16 years. His role in the company has been overseeing all the transactions which are related to Credit and Real Estate business. In the time that he has been with the company, he has been able to drive change using the experience Briger got from business school and all the other organizations which he has worked for before.

Peter Briger got his Bachelor’s degree from Princeton and Proceeded to the School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania for his MBA. He believes that the best way to help clients achieve financial freedom is by pointing them in the direction of the investments which can help them improve their cash flow. As the representative who focuses on real estate investments, he helps come up with strategies to expand their client’s portfolio, and strengthen their financial worth.

Peter Briger believes that there is still a lot more that can be done to raise the levels of financial literacy among the investors and especially those who are just getting started in it. He adds that there is no greater joy than seeing clients achieve their economic success through the skills and support offered to them by the Fortress Investment Group.

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Alastair Borthwick, an Exceptionally Talented Author, Broadcaster, and Journalist

Alastair Borthwick was an author, broadcaster, and a journalist. He was born in Rutherglen Lanarkshire, in February 1913 and died on 25 September 2003 at Beith, Ayrshire. Borthwick went for high school education at Glasgow High School and left in 1929, aged 16. Immediately after he left school, he went to work for the Herald. While working for the Herald, Borthwick eventually became an editor of “Open Air”, a then popular feature page of the Herald.

In order to get enough and entertaining content for his feature page, Borthwick had to involve himself in hill walking and mountain climbing. As a result, he discovered Glasgow’s blossoming hillside landscape. He developed an insatiable desire for mountain climbing and hitch-hiking. It is interesting to note that most of Borthwick’s outdoor experience ended in the “Open Air” feature.

As an author, Alastair Borthwick used the materials he recorded for his newspaper feature to assemble his first novel, “Always a Little Further”. The novel has very fine details of the Glacow’s environment, a testimony that Borthwick used his own experience to write it. Initially, the novel’s publisher was skeptical about the casual manner in which the book approached mountaineering, which was then considered a sport for the rich. However, upon the advice of T.S. Eliot, Fabers agreed to publish the book. To date, the novel has remained one of the best stories about outdoor activities in Scotland.

Besides being an author and a journalist, Alastair Borthwick was also a soldier. During the Second World War, he signed up into the army as an Intelligence Officer in 5th Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders. Borthwick fought alongside the battalion in France, Sicily, Belgium, North Africa, and Belgium. After the armistice, Borthwick wrote a detailed history of the war experiences. The result was the publication of “Sans Peur, The History of the 5th Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders” in 1946. The book has since remained in print, and was republished in 1994 with the title, “Battalion: a British infantry unit’s actions from El Alamein to the Elbe, 1942-1945.”

After the ceasefire, Alastair Borthwick and his wife relocated to Jura in Glasgow. Here, he settled down to fishing and crafting. He also broadcast for the BBC. Later on, the family relocated to Ayrshire. In the twilight of his life, Borthwick moved to a nursing home in Beith, where he died in 2003.

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Jeremy Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner in Honor of Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein has always had directed his efforts and philanthropic deeds towards uplifting the society and the recent fundraiser dinner was no exception.

Together with Jim Finkel an Omar Khan, Jeremy organized a lavish dinner r incredible foods and fine wine at Nomad Hotel in a bid to raise awareness about mental health and raise funds for Fountain House that caters for the mentally ill.

Wine dinner

The private wine dinner brought together members of the New York elite community and successfully raised over $56,000 that was channeled to Fountain house in support of its work.

Fountain House is a self-help group established with the primary goal of creating a platform that individuals suffering and dealing with different forms of mental illness can find help and begin their journey to recovery. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensch and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House

Over the past seven years, Foundation House has acted as a pillar of hope for New Yorkers with mental illnesses. Here they are diagnosed and taken care of by a group of highly dedicated mental health professionals.

The wine dinner was also meant to celebrate and honor the institution for the leading role they have played in raising awareness nationally about mental health as well as impacting the lives of those who suffer mental illnesses positively.

For instance, even though 85% of people who suffer mental illnesses are unemployed, Fountain House is slowly helping them feel as though they belong by helping more than 42% of their patients gain meaningful employment.

About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is an influential corporate attorney who became a board member of Fountain house in 2010. Besides being a philanthropic, Goldstein is an experienced attorney and the chairman for the mergers and acquisition subcommittee of the New York State bar’s business section.

He is also an alumni Cornell University where graduated with a BA as well as the New York and Chicago Universities where he graduated with JD and a Maters respectively. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

The New York-based corporate law specialist has had a long and illustrious career and is particularly credited for the advisory role he played in closing some of the most significant transactions in the corporate world.

For instance, he was part of the legal team that oversaw the purchase of Good rich by United Technology, Verizon Wireless by Alltel Corporation, South African Breweries Plc. by Miller brewing company and many others which involve high profile facilities. Jeremy has however gone into private practice and opened a law firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates that specializes in corporate governance and compensation.

Why Randal Nardone is a pillar at Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is a principal at Fortress Investment Group and has been outstanding in his performance at the company. He is an influential entrepreneur who is one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group. He came together with other talented investors like Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman, and they started an organization that would later achieve global success. Randal is an entrepreneur who started from the bottom and worked hard to be where he is today. Today he is a billionaire who started from scratch and accumulated his wealth by learning the right investment methods that worked for him. He also worked for several organizations and acquired the experience that is required to manage and run a large organization smoothly.

Randal Nardone knows it is essential to work with the right people if you want to achieve success. That is why he carefully selected friends who had a similar goal to work with. His partners are experienced professionals in the financial world, and they have contributed a lot in making him successful in his career. For him, he started his journey as a lawyer but finally realized that he was good in finance and diversified. It is a decision that worked for him because today Randal Nardone is a renowned and coveted financial guru who has even been featured in Forbes. Many have described him as a self-made billionaire.

When he met his friends, and they started a company, Randal hoped for the best, but he did not know that the company would achieve the great success it has achieved today. He had joined with the best talents in the financial world, and they worked hard with the goal of helping potential investors to make the right investment decisions. They worked with a common goal, and that is why later they invited Peter Briger who is also recognized for his skills and knowledge in the investment world. After joining the company, they have been working together since then. Randal Nardone has contributed a lot to the success of the company, and he is also expected to guide it to the next level of expansion and investment.

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Hussain Sajwani Has Excelled As The DAMAC Owner And Built A Legendary Firm

In the world of luxury real estate development, DAMAC Properties is a name that stands out due to a reputation for innovation and excellence. The company is the creation of the current Chairman of the Board, Hussain Sajwani. As the DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani has built the firm into one of the most iconic business institutions in the modern Middle East and this success has led Hussain Sajwani to a status as one of the richest Arabs in the world today, coming in at number ten. He is also considered to be one of the one-hundred most influential men in the Arab world today. A major part of the agenda that Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC Owner has been working toward recently is an increase in the company’s Asian presence.

Though being the DAMAC Owner is the position that Hussain Sajwani is the most well-known for, he had a long and successful career in business prior to starting the real estate development company. Throughout his life, Hussain Sajwani has always been engaged in entrepreneurship on one level or another. During his youth, he worked for his father his family fun shop and absorbed many valuable lessons about how the business world works. Hussain’s first foray into really doing his own business came when he entered the catering business in the early 1980s. This firm grew to be one of the Middle East’s most successful operations of its type and was contracted by the United States military during the Gulf War of the early 90s. The firm won a commendation for its service during this war.

During the early 2000s, Hussain Sajwani spotted the fact that there was a huge amount of profit opportunity in the real estate development trade and quickly moved to take advantage of this fact. This was the genesis of Hussain Sajwani becoming the DAMAC Owner and becoming one of the most recognized figures operating in today’s modern real estate trade.

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Shervin Pishevar: Bonds And Bitcoin

As many investors know, one sector of the economy usually impacts another sector. Much like ripples in a pond, each new ripple leads to a new development. While some changes are for the better, others make things worse. For venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar, ripples he sees developing in the United States economy in the year ahead will lead to both positive and negative changes. Because of this, he took to Twitter to share his thoughts on these and other topics, all of which were captured during a 21-hour tweet storm.


For many people today, virtual currencies are the most popular way to pay for items, and no virtual currency is more well-known than Bitcoin. However, according to Shervin Pishevar, Bitcoin is poised for a fall of almost 5,000 points in value. If this occurs, many of its investors may panic and immediately pull out. But if they listen to Shervin Pishevar, they will instead stay the course, and will ultimately be rewarded. According to his tweet storm, Bitcoin will not only inch forward to regain its losses, but in fact move ahead stronger than ever, making those investors who never lost faith very rich.


Along with Bitcoin dropping 5,000 points, Shervin Pishevar also tweeted that he sees the U.S. stock market dropping by even more, perhaps as much as 6,000 points. Believing the market will eventually no longer be able to fight off a bond market that is getting stronger and stronger each day, Shervin Pishevar suggests that to avoid huge losses and wait out the decline, investors turn their attention to gold and other precious metals, all of which will be profitable and safe during this time.


And as a parting comment, Shervin Pishevar feels that Silicon Valley may be in need of an overhaul. Losing ground to competitors in numerous areas of innovation and marketing, he feels Silicon Valley companies need to reexamine their priorities and return to a commitment to excellence they had when many companies first came into existence. By doing so, he thinks they may eventually regain their standing as the world leaders in technology.

James River Capital Always Seeks Improvement

The investment firm, James River Capital Corp, is an organization that is located in the southern state of Virginia. It was founded in 1986 by Paul Saunders, an accomplished adviser, whose education includes degrees from the University of Virginia and the University of Chicago.


In a recent article published by the company’s blog, the firm explains the importance of leadership and the importance of adopting different methods of leading a team to complete a task. They acknowledge that it isn’t easy to be a great leader and that it takes a large amount of time and concentrated effort to develop qualities that make for an excellent work environment. In the blog post, James River Capital breaks down the different methods of leading that they felt were the best as a result of conducted research on multiple companies.


The first method involves support. The firm emphasizes the importance of supporting the team rather than just leading them. While it is a small change in terms of perspective, it can make great long-term impacts that will boost the morale of the team members that are being led. It is more of a mentality shift that can be applied when it comes to interacting with them so that they feel empowered and ready to do their job rather than being told just what to do. Learn more:


In the second paragraph. the blog post discusses how important it is to have an open dialogue between both employers and employees. Transparent communication between workers and their bosses allows room for more collaboration and positive results that will bode well for the company for both short and long-term reasons. A method that works within this idea is for the employer to acknowledge the appreciation of these types of conversations being brought up between themselves and the employee. It gives them the sense of “psychological safety” so that they can continue to work productively without worrying about a conflict that could threaten their employment. The paragraph also encourages everyone to speak up during team meetings, where collaboration and constructive criticism can be done in a healthy manner.


The final paragraph of the article ties together the topics that were discussed in the previous two. It mentions that taking somebody’s opinion into consideration matters, especially in collaborative environments such as team meetings. Bosses are highly encouraged to keep a list of who speaks the most so that they can find ways to engage the groups of people that may be quieter on occasions such as these. This way, the boss is being overly pushy and still keeps everybody involved.