Past: Small Butcher Shop, Present: OSI Industries

OSI Industries became a substantial part in the 20th century. OSI Industries started out as a small butcher shop located in Chicago, Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky was apart of the German immigrants that lived in Chicago. In just two years of being in the United States, the small butcher shop was opened. The butcher shop was successful and survived the economic struggles that followed both World Wars.

With the butcher shop doing well a decade later, Otto Kolschowsky decided it was time to expand and include whole sale foods to portfolio. The expansion brought on change and the business moved to the suburbs in Maywood. As another decade passed, in 1928, the small, business changed its name to Otto & Sons.

Otto & Sons proved to be stable over the decades that followed. The success of the company opened up great opportunity for Otto & Sons. This was the era of suburbs popping up everywhere and the very first franchise models came into play.

Ray Kroc became the first to open the first franchise model of McDonald’s in 1955. Before Kroc opened the franchise, he entered into a hand shake agreement with Otto’s sons, Arthur and Harry, to be the OSI Industries first beef supplier for McDonald’s. It was that decision that would put Otto & Sons to ride shotgun beside what would become a nationally recognized brand in every home.

Several years pass and Kroc decides to buy out the McDonald’s and became CEO of the modern McDonald’s. This became Otto & Son’s primary job in supplying the regional McDonald’s restaurants. Kroc’s vision was to supply every customer with a consistent product that consumers wanted. This vision put the squeeze on Otto & Sons as well as other suppliers that delivered to McDonald’s.

In 1960, a technological advancement created the flash freeze process using liquid nitrogen. Flash freezing made it easier to freeze food and cut cost at the same time because supply and demand was at an all time high.

OSI Industries success continued to soar over the decades with expansions internationally. As Arthur and Harry neared retirement, Sheldon Lavin was brought on board. His expertise being an investor and executive in banking led to the transiton internationally and the current name the company has now, OSI Industries.

OSI Industries was #58 on Forbes in 2016 as one of the world’s largest, private company with sales reaching $6.1 billion.

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Tony Petrello- Medical Industry Philanthropy

When the people of Houston were affected by Hurricane Harvey, they received huge support from many people and businesses. A number of businesses from Texas were some of those who offered support. One notable business during the crisis was Nabors Industries. This company came out strongly to support the people at a time when they were in need.

Nabors Industries is an oil and natural gas drilling company led by CEO Tony Petrello. When the Hurricane Harvey happened, Tony Petrello ensured that his company was in the frontline offering help to the people who were in need. The first step that he took was to send the workers on a paid leave so that they could concentrate on helping the people.

Since he became the CEO in 2011, he has cultivated the culture of helping the community in the company. Even if there is no disaster, Nabors Industries will still have a cause that they are supporting, Tony himself is a philanthropist who uses his funds to support the activities of various charitable causes. This was not the first time that Nabors Industries was supporting charitable causes. Since he joined the firm, there have been numerous causes supported by the company. Thanks to the philanthropic attitude of the CEO, the firm has established a strong connection with the customers and the community in Texas.

Although he lives in Texas, Tony Petrello was born in New Jersey. The community in New Jersey contributed largely to making him who he is today. The community here was passionate about working hard and helping each other. In Newark, NJ, the community always came together in case one of them was in need. This is where Tony Petrello learned about the importance of helping each other. This is one of the best things that one can help his community.

Petrello has a personal project that he is supporting in Texas. He has given $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital which is constructing a facility for children living with neurological disorders. The facility is meant to offer treatment as well as research on the causes of the disorders. Tony is passionate about helping this facility since his daughter called Carena is one of the children affected by this condition. He hopes that there will be a solution for her once the facility develops a treatment method. Tony Petrello also aims to assist hundreds of other children who come from humble backgrounds to get medical attention in this facility.

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Madison Street Capital a Successful Investment Firm

On the, (“MSC”) Madison Street Capital is a multinational investment banking company that usually supplies the middle market. It operated as the private monetary counselor to DCG software value, software value supervision, software assessment services and international distributor of function point evaluation in combination with The Spitfire Group. The Spitfire Group is a business that is relevant to technology consulting corporation, and it’s headquarter is located in Denver. The deal was publicized by Charles Botchway, who serves as a Chief Executive Officer of the Madison Street Company, the leader being Jay Rodgers. The conditions of the deal were not made public.


According to Botchway, The supervision staff members of the two firms are outstandingly experienced. Some of the staff are Mark Richtemever working as a Chief Executive Officer in Spitfire Group and Mike Harris who serve in DCG Software Value as a Chief Executive Officer. “Working together with the leaders of Information Technology of the two companies is an amazing opportunity.” Harris added that since the first meeting with the Madison Street Company to the closure of the contract, under the leadership of Jay Rodgers, the team has been able to offer magnificent analysis and considerate insight. Mark and Harris pledged to carry on serving with the Madison Street Company staff so that they can be able to get the additional strategies for improving the growth of the customers’ software value.


The Madison Street Capital firm focuses on the honesty, excellence, management and service in offering the proficiency mergers and acquisition, financial suggestions, business financial advisory services, and the valuation services to the businesses that are privately and publically held. Such services are the boosters that put the customers in a position in which they can become successful in the international marketplace. Anytime a project is being worked on, the goals and the objectives of the customers becomes the responsibility of the Madison Street Capital. They include the mergers and acquisition deals, thriving capital raises, financial advisory and transfer of ownership.


The MSC consider the rising markets as the heart element that leads the multinational growth of their customers and their focus towards assets on such markets is continuous. The Madison Street Capital company is viewed by a lot of customers in the world as the most reliable firm because of their commitment towards providing professional and quality services. The team of professionals that work in this company has done a lot to ensure that the company is reputable all over the world. They have the best skills and experience that makes them serve the clients appropriately. The team is dedicated to delivering exactly what the clients want to ensure they fully meet the desire of each client in the best way.


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Glen Wakeman and his Business Over the Years

Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman started his career in business over 30 years ago. Up to date, his focus is on the LaunchPad Holdings which he co-founded and is currently leading as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Glen Wakeman is also the founder and President of the business accelerator Nova Four. The company provides access to capital and strategic advice.


The LaunchPad Holdings is dedicated to early-stage entrepreneurs. The company’s product,, offers entrepreneurs services for online business planning. The SAAS website makes use of digital marketing to reach more costumers. Additionally, Mr. Glen Wakeman has been working with the company GE Capital for the past twenty years. His roles have been in the fields of general management, asking Mr. Glen Wakeman to live and work around the United States of America and in several countries abroad. Most recently, Mr. Glen Wakeman was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the GE Money branch based in Latin America. In his role, Mr. Glen Wakeman established a wide-scope operation from the ground up that spans over nine countries and exceeds a worth of $2 billion and has more than 17,000 employees.


Under his leadership, the business came out with dozens of new products and signed a vast number of partnerships that helped the company establish a network comprising of more than a thousand offices across Latin America. Before that, Mr. Glen Wakeman was the General Director of the GR Capital, as well as Global Insurance Ventures. He worked in the United Kingdom, in London, where he was responsible for creating and executing strategies for a few businesses. They grew their net income from $2 million to $10 million and increased their assets by $3 billion.


Mr. Glen Wakeman has been directing his focus towards the LaunchPad Holdings lately. the business stemmed from his passion for visualizing ideas as the early stage of the path towards turning them into reality. Mr. Glen Wakeman has been using visualization as a tool since the early years of his career in business. He believes that explaining his ideas to investors and business partners has also helped him progress in his line of work over the years.

Jorge Moll and The Breakthrough Results of His Peer-reviewed Study on Altruism

If you’re wondering whether there is a causal link between people’s tendency to give away so much money for charity and the wiring of their brains, then the recent study from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America would be of paramount interest to you. It is in that study that it was conjectured and proved that the human frontal-mesolimbic networks are the ones guiding a person’s decision to make charitable donations and do other acts of altruism.


Primitive Mechanisms


The study done is lengthy and comprehensive, and it may not be easy to summarize here, but it would be enough to say that its researchers – Roland Zahn, Jorge Moll, Frank Krueger, among others – is to establish the neural bases of the aspect of a human’s personality that does acts of kindness. Before the study, the networks underlying such actions remained elusive and obscure, making it difficult for researchers to pinpoint where the areas in the brain are responsible for such altruism.


The abstract of the study also declares that the main point of the entire research is to know where in the brain to concentrate when trying to fix behavior that’s the total opposite of altruism, which includes mental illness and psychopathy. It was also a remarkable discovery from the research team to find that it is the anterior sectors of the prefrontal cortex that distinctly play a significant role in people’s altruistic decisions, which isn’t something observable when the subjects opt for more selfish materialistic interests.


About Jorge Moll


Jorge Moll is the President/Director of D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His work in the research firm is responsible for studies about neural basis to human beings’ tendency to be altruistic, such as the one cited above. Through Jorge Moll’s research, possible remedies to pressing behavioral problems in the field of psychiatry and psychological trauma can get its needed support. The passion of Mr. Moll right now in the field of medical research has also been instrumental in Brazil’s medical field, especially in discovering new therapeutic solutions for the field of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience.

Perry Mandera Shows the Power of Donating

Perry Mandera has made a name for herself throughout the transportation community. The origin of his story beings in 1975, when he joined U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. During that time in his life, everything changed when he learned how to drive a truck. By 1986, Perry Mandera had founded the Custom Cares Company in his home area of Chicago. It provides products and logistics services to transportation services. An article on the website Daily Forex Report discuss how his business has helped the Chicago area.


There are few business people like Perry Mandera in the industry. He has spent countless hours and spent a large of money on charity services. This includes not only helping with local issues, but also donating to hurricane relief in the gulf states and the wildfires in California. It’s this strong reputation and giving back that led to Perry Mandera’s company being named among the “Top 100 American Transportation Services of the Millennium” back in 2000.


Custom Cares Charities is known for its extensive help in the Chicago area. It’s important to Perry Mandera to support organizations who share his goals of giving back to others. This includes various organizations, starting with supporting local youth sport programs. At one point, he even supported a boxer who went in to the Olympics. Perry Mandera also supports the education of the under privileged and veterans. Having a well educated is very important. Then to top it all off, he donates to environmental causes as well.


There are many famous people who donate a portion of their personal or company earning to charity, but Perry Mandera’s dedication puts many of them to shame. His commitment to children, organizations, and causes is unrivaled. His business has become very successful, and through the power of his donations, Perry Mandera is someone whose name people won’t soon forget.

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Q&A with Perry Mandera, CEO of The Custom Companies Inc.

Career and Success of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born on 6th October 1951 in Marilia, Sao Paulo. He went for higher learning in Sao Paulo University and attained a degree in philosophy, science, and letters. He also had a degree of postgraduate in socio-psychology from the school of sociology and politics. Since then, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has had a successful career in the banking sector.

Career in Bradesco
Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started his career at Bradesco at a very young age of 17, where he was working as a clerk. During that time, he went through many assignments for more than 15 years until he was given a position of Marketing Director. During this time, he brought a good impact of modernized communication with many companies that brought a very close relationship of the company with media. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi worked as a marketing director for 8 years and in 1992 he took the higher position of Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Vida e Previdencia.

In 1998, he was appointed to the position of Managing Director of Bradesco and after one year, he took the Executive Vice President post. In the year 2003, Carlos Trabuco had the post of Bradesco Seguros president and cumulatively held top positions at Bradesco Saude and Vida e Previdencia. During his term as the president, the company became bigger and expanded its services and leadership across the whole country that equivalently made it experience 25 percent growth in the market. In that period, Bradesco’s insurance company doubled its performances from 25 percent to 35 percent which made it become the leader of the banking sector.

Having a 40 years’ experience career in the banking sector and many different positions, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed the president of Bradesco Bank in 2009. He became the 4th president taking over from Marcio Artur Laurelli Cypriano who was there since 1991. During 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was on the front line in the purchase of HSBC which was considered the greatest business deal of that year in the banking history in Brazil. He was chosen the entrepreneur of the year in the category of finance.

The cumulative appointments of Luiz Carlos
In 2017 October, Carlos received an appointment as the Board of Directors Chairman. Being appointed to this post, he cumulatively got a new position to become the President of the Bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco remains one of the modest entrepreneurs respected in Brazil and around the world. He has a big deal of wisdom experience in the entrepreneurial world.


Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. The fact is that the makeup company and Deere have heavily influenced the makeup industry. Deere is famous for creating a really strong unicorn vibe around her makeup line. This trend has ascended to new heights in the makeup world. Now, more makeup lines are using the unicorn colors made famous by Lime Crime in their own line of cosmetics. Today, Lime Crime is everywhere. It’s in magazines, newspapers, retail stores, and online. In fact, Lime Crime has a very strong presence on numerous social media sites, like Instagram.


Strong Cult Following

Doe Deere is very proud of the fact that her makeup company has a very strong cult following. This cult following continues to build and grow. Deere relates that the word cult simply means that you are one of a kind or that there is not anyone else like you. Therefore, cult is a good word. Her ambition was to stand out among the multitude of makeup brands in the consumer world. Certainly, Deere accomplished that goal.


Going Vegan

Doe Deere’s idea was to create a better makeup line that consisted of sparkling colors. Deere also wanted her makeup line to be vegan and animal cruelty free. This is something that is very close and dear to her because she supports several animal rights and charities. Going vegan and producing cosmetics that were not tested on animals is very reflective of her personal feelings.


New Beauty Trends

Doe Deere is one beauty expert that is eager to share her thoughts on current beauty trends and new beauty trends. One of the hottest beauty trends around today is the unicorn colors palette. Deere is one beauty expert that strongly believes that this is a trend that will stick around for longer than a minute. Of course, trends go through cycles, but her cult following is holding on to this trend. Deere also states that the purple colors are in bloom all over. Colors like lilac, purple, and lavender are trending. These colors really pop and are a part of the Lime Crime Venus Eyeshadow Palette.


Deere’s Advice For Women Entrepreneurs

Deere is one very successful woman that loves the idea of entrepreneurship. It was always her goal to create her own business. Often, young women look to Deere for advice. She states that the key to success is to learn from your mistakes. The mistakes are a chance to learn the methods that work and do not work. Deere also believes that the young entrepreneur should learn to listen to people to discover a niche that needs filling. One way to make this happen is to connect with others on social media.


Getting Involved

In addition, Deere strongly believes that the entrepreneur should get involved with the creation and development of their product or service. Deer is a hands on CEO and works closely with others at Lime Crime to create all the formulas. Furthermore, Deere never releases a new product without fully testing it out personally. Learn more:

Drew Madden at the Head of the Industry

Let’s face it: If it weren’t for pioneers in the field of healthcare IT, we’d live in a very different world. Prescription medication wouldn’t be filled the same way, clients couldn’t get their hands on the medicine they need with nearly the expediency, and patient records would take weeks to acquire. In fact, the only way healthcare IT couldn’t exist in this day and age is if we didn’t have the Internet to begin with. It’s thanks to industry legends like Drew Madden that we can enjoy the seamless experience of obtaining our prescriptions quickly and accurately.

This is important for a company like CVS to survive in the growing world, especially with all that the Internet brings. Amazon is the talk of the town right now, and they’ve recently decided to take their first steps into the provision of medical equipment, which is evidently leading into the delivery of prescription medications in the near future as soon as they acquire the licensing for it. This is excellent news for customers and not-so-great news for CVS, which reflexively advanced on Aetna with intent to buy in their own self-defense.

Honestly, nobody can blame them.

This is what the Internet is doing to brick-and-mortar companies: It’s putting some out of business, causing others to run far enough into the ground that they submit to buyout, and forcing the witnesses to react accordingly to prevent the same scenario from being repeated on their own turf. Picking up Aetna will be a great move on CVS’ part because it’ll allow them to sell health insurance in their own stores right next to the other bevy of services they currently provide, which will give them an irreconcilable advantage over Amazon.

While Amazon’s next move will be the drone delivery of medications for clients in need, CVS will likely place their focus on exceeding expectations in healthcare IT to maximize on their all-in-one offerings, and this is where the help of Drew Madden will be important. For an industry-leading company to stay at the helm, CVS will need an industry-leading executive in medical IT to help them stay on top of the back-end support for their services, and this provides undoubtedly interesting insight into the direction that our world will be taking in years to come.

Capital Management Assistance with Madison Street Capital

Owning a company is difficult work and one of the things that you probably do not have time to do on your own is handle your wealth management and finances. Unfortunately, if you do not want to handle the finances on your own, there are other options for you. One of those options is hiring a capital management firm like Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital has been available to the public since 1994 and has been working with professionals since their inception and launch. When you’re working with a professional, you know that they can help you to better your finances and get them a whole lot more organized than you might think.


When you need help with your finances, Madison Street Capital is there to take the work off your own shoulders. Their prices are unmatched with many of the other companies out there, so it is effortless for you to hire them even if your budget says otherwise. In fact, a lot of Madison Street Capital’s clients have found that they save and even make money over the course of time because of the work being done for them. This is an effortless way for you to get your capital managed for you in a way that is both beneficial and helpful in running a business.


Madison Street Capital has four offices found all over the world, making it easy to utilize them and get in contact with them in a locale that is convenient for you. This is also a great choice for people who want to work with a professional who can do all of the work over the internet or on the phone for their own convenience. You will then be able to get your finances underway and your capital managed in a way that is only beneficial to you rather than anyone else who might make use of this problem as well.


Madison Street Capital can help with a range of different things, such as tax problems, bankruptcy issues and anything related to investing, budgeting and wealth management. No matter what you need to have done, Madison Street Capital is a great company to go to for this type of help for a reason that they are experienced and knowledgeable about the different types of services they offer. They have a team of experts working for them, so you can be sure that Madison Street Capital is taking your side on this and is able to help with a wide range of problems that you might be having right now and are unsure of what you can do in order to get it going in a way that is going to benefit you.


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