CEO, Steve Ritchie, Uses A Three-Pronged Approach To Recoup Customer Good-Will From A Morass Of Negativity

People make mistakes and so do corporations. However, as relevant as the damage from such mistakes can be, corrections are often equally relevant at mitigating said damage. Any pilot will tell you that the flight course from point A to point B is usually not a straight line. In-flight corrections are made continuously to avoid things like headwinds and ash clouds. In short, corrections are a vital part of getting the plane to its intended destination, even when the plane is a pizza corporation and the destination is the good-will of its customers.

Recently, the straightaway from the third largest takeaway and delivery pizza establishment in the U.S., Papa Johns, to the good-will of its intended audience was obstructed. The roadblock to the goodwill came in the form of actions taken by a former Papa John corporate member.

To regain the goodwill of its customers, CEO, Steve Ritchie, used a three-pronged approach. Firstly, he stepped up and apologized for words and actions taken by an erstwhile member of the Papa John family, making sure to point out that the family in question is one with well over 100 thousand hard-working individuals, located around the globe. In doing so, Steve Ritchie made certain to bring home to those being addressed that one person’s views and actions cannot accurately be construed as speaking for the entire Papa John community.

In pointing out that one person’s views can only be attributed to one man, Steve Ritchie (@PapaJohns) made sure to distance Papa Johns still further from negative actions taken from a former Papa Johns employee. Thirdly, Ritchie promised to take significant, steps to ensure negativity would not remain a part of the Papa John culture, promising to make a thorough review of company practices and to furthermore set up meetings with franchises and team members, thus acquiring vital insight.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s also promised that the process would be shared with customers in a transparent manner. So, while a serious obstruction did find its way onto the Papa John trajectory to customer good-will, the pilot, Steve Ritchie, did manage to land the plane.

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Paul Mampilly Serves As A Senior Editor At Banyan Hill Publishing

Paul Mampilly is the right person who can advise people willing to make investments at critical moments. This is because, back in 2009 when stocks had gown down in sales, he was making some progress in the market. At this particular moment, Paul Mampilly managed to enter a competition that was hosted by Templeton Foundation where he was able to turn $50 million to $88 million, therefore, winning this competition with about 75% gain.

His paramount strong point comes when his investment emphasis on the large image. He always put his strengths to what he focuses on, and he does not back off any of his dealings. He is a very hardworking entrepreneur who is focused on his businesses.

Paul Mampilly serves as a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing where he has specialized in assisting Main Street Americans to look for prosperity in growing unique opportunities, investing, small-cap stocks and technology. He began his profession in 1991at Wall Street where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager at one of the banks known as Bankers Trust. He was later promoted to an advanced position in another bank called Deutsche Bank and ING.

Here he worked as a manager, and he managed lots of money in accounts. His hard work saw him be entrusted by managing funds of kinetics Assets Management that owned $6 billion Company. Under his management, the company managed to quickly raise its assets from $6 billion to $25 billion. This made the company named world best hedge fund since it was able to make annual returns of 26%.

Paul Mampilly was born in 1993 in a tiny village in Indi. During this moment, the country was exceptionally very deprived where people died because of hunger daily. He lost his mother when he was only three years. Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again. His dad worked at Bombay though he was still broke and later came to pass when Paul Mampilly was 20. This did not stop him from studying since he was able to take himself to college. He managed to complete his studies and applied for a job in Dubai.

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Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who is based in Arizona. The entrepreneur had his early life in Tempe, and he managed to graduate with a finance degree in the main University located in Arizona where he later acquired his master’s degree from the same Institution. It was from the Institution that he earned some vital skills and knowledge which enabled him to propel his ideologies in the positive trajectory. Generally, charity work and technology has been known by many as first events in the list of his passions where he invested most of his time. Visit

The skills that were bestowed in him is inclusive of start-ups, development of businesses as well as the strategic development of the companies. Ideally, Jason Hope generated a company dealing with mobile communications as the first time career before diverting his attention to the businesses stated above as the principal sources of his income. Furthermore, he has been at the forefront of offering mentoring services to high school students hence motivating them to be great feature entrepreneurs. Also, he is famously known to develop grant programs purposely for entrepreneurs with the aim of uplifting their hopes thus agitating them to venture into the field of business and innovation in the feature.

However, apart from entrepreneurship, Jason Hope has got some noticeable zest in politics which are more related to the business escalation in the region of Arizona having been known by many as a vibrant leader. To have his hopes at the apex, he made some innovation in biology by carrying out various research in the biological field. To ensure that the idea was kept alive, he managed to fund SENS which is a research foundation which is more skewed towards the generation of anti-aging drugs meant for therapeutic purposes.

Moreover, he has made a significant contribution in line with the internet by doing some research as well as via writing in the platform. From the slated achievements as well as concurrence from the interviews Jason Hope attended, it can be concluded that he has impacted so many lives through various initiatives he engineered in the course of his career making him be among the most prominent persons in the world. Read more on

How Ryan Seacrest Dresses for Success

Ryan Seacrest sat down with the New York Times and filled in fans on his self-care routine, including what he does in the morning and how he disengages from social media throughout the day. With his busy life, Ryan Seacrest has to stick to a routine. to The 43-year-old moved to New York from Los Angeles last year to host Live With Kelly and Ryan among his many other TV and radio entertainment jobs. He hosts his own radio show, On Air With Ryan, produces TV shows, and hosts American Idol. Add to that Ryan Seacrest’s clothing and skincare lines, Distinction and Polish, and his charity, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which aims to inspire youth through the entertainment industry. With such a busy life, fans must wonder how the star keeps himself looking so refreshed and sounding so lively.

Ryan Seacrest told the New York Times that he wakes up early with a morning routine that includes matcha tea. He works out in the morning, usually by boxing or running. While Ryan Seacrest says that he watches TV and reads the news in the morning, he also knows when to take a break from media and people in general. He said that in the afternoon, he takes more time to himself to process events internally. Sometimes, Ryan Seacrest has even locked his phone away in a safe to give himself a forced break from the device, he said. While the star is a strict vegan eater, he is reportedly not into meditation. Ryan Seacrest says he gets “too distracted” for the relaxation technique.

However, the key to Ryan Seacrest’s success he attributes to one detail: making his job look easy. He finalized his interview by sharing this one piece of advice he learned from his time working with Dick Clark. Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) really does make his job look easy, and there is no doubt that his excellent self-care routine plays a role in his success.

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Stream Cares Foundation Will Take Up All Stream Energy Charitable Programs to The Next Level

Since the formation of Stream Energy more than a decade ago, the company has been able to help several locals find dignity in their lives. First, it is through the company’s sale of affordable home use products such as wireless electricity, gas, various home services as well as whole family protection. In its recent press release, Stream Energy announced that it has instituted Stream Cares Foundation, an arm of the company that will handle charity programs for residents of Houston, Austin, and several parts of Texas. Hitherto, Stream Energy continues to take the lead in offering financial and material aid whenever disaster strikes.

Perhaps, the recent notable charitable act is during the aftermath of the Hurricane Harvey. According to the U.S Meteorological Department, Hurricane Harvey that ravished most parts of southern Texas was the costliest tropical cyclone in the history of modern America approximated at $125 billion. Although it was the single most expensive tropical cyclone to manage, Hurricane Harvey that rocked Texas between August 17, 2017, and September 2, 2017, has been linked to the 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

Looking at how locals are destabilized by these natural disasters, Stream has started a charitable branch that will be dealing with such unexpected tragedies. In the past, Stream Energy has worked with several other nonprofit organizations to give aid to devastated families especially the homeless and unlucky living within Texas. Some of the organizations Stream Energy has worked with include the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and the Habitat of Humanity.

The aim of starting Stream Cares Foundation is to balance activities between providing clients with several home use services Stream has been supplying for many years as well as taking the sole responsibility of feeding, clothing, and helping the homeless and the less fortunate find dignity and the quality of life. in recent days, Stream has worked with Hope Supply Company to provide several homeless families with clothing, food supplies and diapers for the less fortunate. The company recently paid for more than 1,000 homeless kids to feel the real value of life when they visited various water parks in Texas.

Robert Ivy Addresses the Benefits of Associations in the Industry

Robert Ivy, the Principal of the American Institute of Architects, argues that associations are an essential part of any organizations in the industry. According to a report that he released relating to the involvement of companies in associations, Robert Ivy says that the organizations that form associations can articulate their issues more amicably compared to those that tend to operate individually. The benefits that are reaped by these companies cannot be exhaustive. This is because they range from operational to administrative benefits which bring about the efficiency in which the organizations handle their challenges as well as receive their opportunities.

In his report, Robert Ivy points out that one of the advantages of the companies in one industry forming associations is the ease of exchanging ideas. All the companies in the industry possess some experts that are more skilled in particular aspects compared to the others. Through the use of the associations, these experts can share their vast knowledge and skills with each other so that they can facilitate the development of their organizations. The experts can dispense the proficiency that they possess through the use of seminars and conferences that may be held at common grounds so that the members of the associations can participate in the training. Learn more about Robert Ivy on Steel Institue of New York

Ease of employee training is another benefit that Robert Ivy highlights in his research report. He says that the organizations that join associations are more likely to train their employees in different sectors through the ideas exchange forums. As a result, the companies enjoy the diversity of skills that they get from other member companies of the associations. In his report, Robert highlights the company culture as one of the aspects that are transferable from one company to the other whenever training is held. The companies possess different cultures that are built upon the objectives and goals laid down by the founders. By using the association as the platform, these companies can exchange their perceptions and behaviors that are admirable and that are likely to bring development to the other member organizations.

Lobbying for favorable policies from the government becomes another benefit that the organizations that form associations enjoy. This is because the government pays more attention to the issues and challenges that affect the operations of organizations in the industry as a whole, more than it is likely to consider those of a single company. As a result, their challenges are more amicably solved than when operating privately.

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Jeff Aronin: Supporting biotechnology for rare treatments

Jeff Aronin is a philanthropist and the CEO of a company known as Paragon Sciences. He is involved in these two roles because he is keen on helping the people to live better lives. He is concerned about the treatment of diseases that are rare and which have difficulties finding treatment. The company has therefore been developing innovative medical companies which carry out research for these rare medical conditions. The company has had success in recent years after 13 of their medicines were approved by the FDA. This is one of the highest approvals in the medical industry and can only be compared to the big pharmaceutical companies.


Jeff Aronin is interested in supporting biotechnology companies which are carrying out medical research to accomplish their goals. Research is not an easy thing to do and normally needs financial support. This is what Aronin is trying to create with his company. Building companies which will come up with solutions that will alleviate human diseases is one of the best contributions that he can make in the medical industry.


Jeff Aronin has been in the medical industry for the past 20 years. He has experience on how to develop medicine based on biotechnology research. He has been in the industry looking for treatment methods for rare conditions. He has always been compassionate to the needs of the people, and this is the reason he has invested heavily in research to see that some of the rare medical conditions are eliminated.


Jeff Aronin has proved to have leadership skills which can bring the players in the industry together so that they can develop medicine which will change the medical industry. He is always eager to share ideas with the young entrepreneurs who want to be as successful as him. The passion he has shown in trying to solve the unsolved challenges in the medical industry inspires many more also to chip in and play a similar role.


Jeff Aronin has made a significant difference in the lives of many patients and is ready to continue doing so. He is ready to support research work in all the manners he can.


Hussain Sajwani Twenty First Century Mogul

Hussain is a billionaire property developer and founder of the real estate development company known as DAMAC Properties. Having been ranked number one by Forbes magazine in 2017, the company hit the Global 2000 list of the fastest growing global companies based on compound annual growth rates from 2013 to 2016. Graduating from the University of Washington, Hussain started his career as a Contracts Manager in GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. After learning the inner workings behind the scenes regarding contracts responsible for new development, Hussain went on to found his own development company, DAMAC Properties.

In addition to his development company DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani started his own catering service in 1982. This enterprise has grown to become a leader in the market, servicing more than 150,000 meals a day in a number of countries, including the Middle East, Africa, and the CIS. In addition to this, Hussain’s catering service also services construction worksites, educational institutions, and five-star hotels.

Being one of the pioneers in the Property market expansion which took place in Dubai in the mid-90s, Hussain had a significant impact on the countries overall growth and development. In the early 90’s, Hussain was busy at work building several hotels to accommodate the ever-increasing influx of people coming to the emirate to do business. Identifying the market’s needs, Mr. Sajwani proceeded to found DAMAC Properties in 2002, it has grown to become one of the largest property development companies in the Middle East. He has been active in building prestigious projects in key global cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Amman, Beirut, Jeddah, Riyadh, and London. The company has one of the best track records in the luxury property market, delivering over 21,000 homes with a portfolio of over 44,000 industrial and private units in various stages of development. Hussain’s company DAMAC Properties also employs over 2,000 employees with shares traded publicly on the Dubai Financial Market.

Another key area of investment opportunities for Hussain Sajwani is Al Jazeera Services boasting a capitalization of over 110 million US dollars.


Gareth Henry Contributes to Fortress Investment Group’s Stock Rise

On one morning in June of 2011, investors in Fortress Investment Group’s stock woke up to a pleasant surprise Fortress Investment Group’s stock rose by 2.4% when Credit Suisse upgraded the New York Stock Exchange traded stock from neutral to outperform.

Credit Suisse adduced a number of reasons why it decided to upgraded shares of Fortress Investment Group’s stock. For one thing, troubling issues with respect to Fortress Investment Group’s principal compensation was satisfactorily resolved. For another, Fortress Investment Group plans to raise its stock’s dividend, which would provide investors with a greater than 10% yield by 2012.

Further, Fortress Investment Group has a credit of $3.6 billion to make investment with should profitable trade opportunities suddenly arise, which by all accounts should arise from an anticipated near-term market correction. Furthermore, Fortress Investment Group stands to benefit from greater regulation and a wave of refinancing brought about by bad deals made between 2005 to 2007 that stands to afford Fortress Investment Group a plethora of great investment opportunities.

Institutional Investors 2011 Hedge Fund 30 Rising Stars. The wonderful conditions that gave rise to a 2.4% rise in Fortress Investment Group’s stock price was the product of the efforts of many within the Fortress Investment Group. One such person is Gareth Henry, a managing director at the Fortress Investment Group, who raises capital in such international markets as the European markets, Middle Eastern markets, and African markets and forms great links to sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and insurance companies. Gareth Henry studied actuarial mathematics at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and graduated therefrom with a degree.

After graduating from the University of Edinburgh, Gareth went to work for Watson Wyatt in management research for several years. Next, Gareth went to work for the money management firm Schroders as a product manager in the multi-asset class group. Then in 2007, Gareth Henry joined the Fortress Investment Group to contribute to the rise of said company. Gareth Henry also holds a first-class honors degree from Heriot University and is a member of the Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in the UK and the Fellow of Society of Actuaries in the USA.

Expand Learning with ClassDojo

The internet program ClassDojo is making it easy for school and parents to communicate. This program allows teachers to post pictures and updates to parents. ClassDojo can be accessed online or it can send messages to a cell phone. There are new tools in this program that are encouraging critical thinking skills.

ClassDojo has teamed up with the Ad Astra program to developed puzzles called Conundrums that will increase critical thinking skills. These puzzles are fun to play and will help students develop skills inside3 and outside of the classroom. Some of these Conundrums will feature open-ended questions as well as ethical issues. These questions will help encourage discussion and allow students to research the issues on their own. These questions are a little more complicated than commonly addressed in school and they will also encourage parent interactions to help the students find the solutions to these issues.

These questions deal with social issues and it even posts that there are no right answers. Students are encouraged to share their answers and provide the reasoning behind their thoughts. The teachers can access these questions and the answers that the students post. They will be able to see the thought process behind it as well. Teachers may use some of these questions during homeroom and that can lead to classroom discussions. Teachers can go on the app and look for some of the questions that they would look to make available to the students. There are many different types of questions and include current issues as well.

ClassDojo has many features that allow for interactions. Now, this computer program is encouraging students to think and share their reasonings with others. This is a skill that is needed inside and outside the classroom. Now elementary and middle school students can learn to develop critical thinking skills.