Securus Technologies Introduces Wireless Containment System to Improve the Safety of the Prisons

Securus Technologies is a communications technology provider to many correctional facilities in the United States and is the top company investing heavily in technologies that make prisons safe. One of the biggest issues that the prisons are facing today is the smuggling of contraband phones that has led to many events. Criminals have managed to kill people while still in prison and have threatened the lives of many prison officials if they do not meet their demands.


Securus Technologies has recently introduced one of their Wireless Containment System for prisons that have allowed them to block the illegal use of cell phones inside the prison. Before its installation, it was quite easy for the inmates to get in touch with their associates outside the prison and to organize criminal activities. They have also used those cell phones to coordinate hits against the prison officials for taking away their luxuries. One of the biggest examples of the brutality of the cell phones use inside the prison is the story of Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson was one of the officials at Florida Correctional Facility before he had to leave because of injuries.


It was during one of his rounds inside the prison that Robert came to know about some drugs being smuggled inside the prison. When he got the news, he immediately sprung into action, and it led to the confiscation of drugs worth more than $50,000 that a criminal group intended on distributing to other prisoners. When the drug was caught, many inmates were not happy, and they used the illegal phones to organize a hit against Robert. He was attacked in his home and suffered severe injuries. But, he managed to survive and is spending the rest of his life talking about the ways that illegal phones have been destroying prisons. He is a consultant with Securus Technologies and one of the main people behind its installation in different prisons across the country.


Wireless Containment System uses the latest and the most improved communication technology that allows the prisons to limit the number of phone calls that can be made from inside the prison. Only some approved numbers can make calls from the prison, and all other calls are blocked. It can also locate the places from where the illegal calls were made and result in their confiscation. I have worked in a prison where the company had newly introduced the system and was surprised to see the results it produced. All the inmates with illegal cell phones were frustrated because they were not able to make a single call to their associate and were finally caught. I hope the system is accepted by more prisons in the country so that they too can enjoy its benefits.



Rick Smith-The Brains Behind Securus

Richard Smith, commonly known as Rick, is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. Before joining Securus, Mr. Smith was the President of “Eschelon Telecom Inc” starting April 2000 up to August 2003. Between August 2003 and August 2007, Smith served as the CEO of Eschelon, and between March 1999 and July 2003, he was the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Smith was Frontier Corp’s former Vice President of Financial Management between April 1997 and October 1998. He has also served as the Vice President at Midwest Telephone Operations. Mr. Smith joined Securus in June 23, 2008.

Mr. Smith graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with an “Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering”. He also graduated from the State University, NY, at Buffalo, with a “Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering”. He also went on to the State University, NY, at Brockport, for a “Masters in Mathematics”, and later to the University of Rochester for a “Masters in Business Administration”.

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Mr. Smith’s Contribution To Securus

The dynamic and talented business leader has made a name for him in the IT sector. He has inspired many in the technology industry. It is through Rick Smith’s stewardship that Securus managed to grow and expand its client base in America to more than 1 million customers. More than 120,000 inmates rely on the company’s technology to reach their friends and families. Additionally, Smith has been behind several acquisitions and mergers that have been crucial in Securus’ domination of the inmate communication sector. Some of the organizations that Securus has merged or acquired include Syscon Justice Sytems, Evercom, and T-Netix. Rick has also helped the organization invest more than $600 million in numerous projects, including innovating and upgrading technologies, merger and acquisitions, research and development, and securing patents.

One of the most recognized acquisition that Mr. Rick Smith Securus managed to facilitate was the Syscon Justice Systems deal. The company was renowned for offender management systems. Mr. Smith was able to purchase the company and in doing so, Securus’ productivity and profitability grew exponentially. Securus then became the world leader in offender management systems. The Dallas-based firm continues to create innovative products and provide quality services that have established their leadership with regards to offender management technologies. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

About Securus

Securus was established in 1986 and has grown into a reputable prison communication firm. Securus deals with implementing video calls to allow inmates to communicate with visitors. This technology came to replace the traditional face-face visits. Furthermore, this technology is meant to save the expenditure at correctional facilities, increase safety, and create a broader opportunity for inmates to reach out to outsiders. Securus has also introduced biometric technology in prisons. Biometrics has made it easier for prison staff to identify prisoners and to effectively manage inmate numbers. Securus currently serves more than 2,000 prisons across Canada and the U.S.

Securus Technologies Is Surpassing GTL On Varied Metrics

The main competitor of Securus Technologies is GTL. While Securus Technologies is considered as a leading provider of technology solutions that allow for public safety, corrections as well as monitoring; it has challenged its main competitor to ascertain who has better infrastructure, customer service, and such other related metrics. It has asked GTL to appoint an independent technology judge in order to ascertain this.


Richard A. Smith, CEO, Securus Technologies stated that GTL had made false claims regarding its technology and infrastructure. Hence an independent judge is required to evaluate the product sets, calling platforms, as well as the customer service models in order to bring the truth out.


He has posed this challenge as Securus Technologies has invested over $700 million in the past four years. This was used for the acquisition of companies, technology as well as innovative product development. They have also invested in a state of the art Technology Center as well as US Customer Service Center. In comparison, GTL has only invested a fraction of this amount.


Today Securus Technologies has a much larger product set that provides highly useful services to the corrections sector. Next, they have their own domestic call center which is staffed by Securus employees while GTL is outsourcing a major part of customer service. The call answer performance of Securus Technologies is 600% better than that of GTL.


While Securus Technologies is making use of its own field technicians, GTL is contracting it out to non-employees. Hence they do not serve customers well.


Securus Technologies claims to be creating a VOIP Corrections calling platform that is the largest in the world. The routine software upgrades will allow for seamless distribution to customers. This will be at a lower cost and a much faster rate as compared to the premise-based platforms of GTL. Even customers are sharing the same sentiments.