Betsy DeVos Ready to go to Work in Washington.

There seems to be a general change in the air of the United States government. The American people voted en masse during the 2016 Presidential Election and Donald Trump came out the victor. Trump campaigned on bringing reformation to Washington D.C. and by offering to invite political outsiders to the table for the first time in a long time. If we are talking about political outsiders and reformers then Betsy DeVos, the recently appointed Secretary of Education, deserves a position right in the middle of the conversation. Betsy DeVos will be taking up the post of Secretary of Education at the Department of Education amid slight controversy that she isn’t prepared or ready for the work that will entail. However, in looking back over DeVos’ history it is quickly apparent that she is more than ready to work, she is willing to be the political bulldog needed to make a difference.


When President Trump nominated Betsy DeVos for the Secretary of Education position, much of the world simply shrugged. On a national scale, Betsy DeVos simply didn’t have any kind of real reach. Betsy DeVos has spent the past thirty years in Michigan’s politics becoming one of the most well-known school choice activists in the country. Her work popularizing Milton Friedman’s original writings has been essential in the reformation of Michigan’s school system. Of course, Betsy has also been busy helping out the Republican Party in general. Learn more:


Betsy Devos has severed as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party platform for years now and through this role, she has become something of a steady hand behind the scenes. Ostensibly, Betsy DeVos is as polite and easy to talk to as anyone in the world, however, when it comes time to bargain she becomes the bulldog that her position requires. Betsy DeVos has received high praise from both sides of the aisle for being willing to absolutely hammer onto a position and hold it in the face of adversity and opposition and that will be incredibly important in an increasingly divisive political atmosphere.


What makes Betsy DeVos truly effective, however, is her willingness to stand by her values over those of her political party. There will be times when DeVos and Trump butt heads and DeVos has shown herself willing to stick to her guns rather than just fall into the cycle of becoming a paper tiger. The future of American education is in DeVos’ hands and the world will be watching.

The Excellent Charity Work of George Soros

George Soros is recognized as an individual who has made significant contributions towards charity. He has been working for the past four decades to ensure that there is equity in societies across the world. Soros runs his charity work through the Open Society Foundation, which is an organization that he established to fight for the rights of minority groups. The philanthropist has to date donated more than $12 billion to facilitate the undertakings of individuals and groups that ensure governments embrace justice, transparency, accountability, and freedom of speech. The Open Society Foundation is committed to protecting the rights of the Roma community that is based in Europe. It has also been defending LGBTI people, drug addicts, sex workers, and many other individuals who are despised by the society. Read more about George’s life story at

Soros is the owner of a highly profitable hedge fund business that is known as Soros Fund Management. He established the company in 1970, and it has earned him billions of dollars. The liberal billionaire has donated a significant portion of his wealth to the Open Society Foundation. The charity organization has currently established itself in more than 100 nations, and it is made of a couple of groups, partners, and projects. The first major work that it conducted was in 1979. Soros created a kitty that offered scholarships to young black people from South Africa to attend universities since the apartheid rule barred them from having a decent education. Several marginalized communities across the globe have benefited from his generosity.

The American billionaire is recognized for being a major sponsor of the Ferguson protests. He worked closely with different human and civil rights organization across the nation to make sure that justice was served. George Soros wanted to ensure that civil action was taken against, Darren Wilson, who is a police officer who shot an unarmed civilian, Michael Brown. The Open Society Foundation’s mobilization made the small crime scene to be transformed into a serious issue that attracted local and international attention. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

According to tax information of the Open Society Foundation, over $33 million was donated to support organizations that were in participated in the Ferguson protests. All the organization that mobilized the protests are recognized for having significant influence in the community. According to the Kenneth Zimmerman, who acts as a director of the Open Society Foundation, governments should enable their citizens to take part in various processes so as to ensure that the society is democratic, just, accountable, and inclusive. In the past thirty years, the body has been offering billions towards civil and human rights activists. The Ferguson protests dominated the media, and all groups that were involved were devoted to ensuring that there was justice for Michael Brown.

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End Citizens United – For A Brighter Future For America

With the current political scene in America, there is a lot of general uproar of people who want to bring about change in the system of governance. End Citizen’s United is one organization that is geared towards giving the power of democracy back to the people, helping them once again get a say in their political systems. People all over the country feel like their voices are unheard because they aren’t one of the wealthy and powerful members of society. In a democracy, people should all have an equal say in the politics of their country and should be able to have a say in who governs them. However, the people still feel like they are helpless and can’t do much if they don’t have funds to donate.


The mainly started happening to the country soon after a ruling was passed by the Supreme Court. The bill in question was labeled as ‘Citizen’s United,’ but was far from what it tried to portray. According to the bill, big business were given the same status as people in the country and political systems as the ordinary citizens. This meant that individuals who were the owners of companies had more say in the state of affairs. Moreover, they were now able to invest their money into political parties without being questioned. This gave rise to significant money laundering practices which started taking place between members of these companies and political party members. Also, because these companies were investing so much into political parties, the political leaders were now forced to do what these investors were telling them to do. Political leaders thus began to start swaying their policies for these companies so as to keep the flow of money into their parties. It seemed like a win-win situation for the businesses and the parties, but the common people in America were the one’s who received the brunt of this. They started being put in the back seat in America’s politics and started feeling like their voices aren’t heard.


The one thing standing in the way of the Supreme Court overturning this decision of End Citizen’s United is the current Republican Party and all its elected members. A lot of the members who have been elected to these positions solely because of the power that they have got through this decision. Members of End Citizen’s United feel like for normalcy to be restored once again in their political system, people need to work towards overthrowing the current ruling party and re-elect individual members for the smooth running of the government. The organization is working towards re-establishing a sound political system in the country that looks out for the needs of the people.