Michael Lacey, the Mathematician with a Global Reputation

Michael Lacey is a well-known mathematician respected all over the world. Michael Lacey now serves as the president of the North America zone and Gbu soda ash and as the Derivatives North America’s director. Michael Lacey engages in the articulation, development and the implementation of the strategic growth of the Solvay chemicals.

Lacey previously served as the Solvay Solex’s president. Prior to his joining the North America company, Lacey served as an executive vice-president in charge of finance and IT and later as a CEO in the organization.

Lacey’s tenure at the helm of the company’s leadership saw the company record an impressive turnover of above $ 3 billion. He led other project officers in ensuring the success of the single global Enterprise resource planning.

Michael Lacey lectured at the Georgia technology department before joining Solvay. In the faculty, Lacey engaged in various research projects that contributed positively to the societal development, he even earned recognition for his relevant research projects valuable to a variety of individuals and other entities.

Some of the entities that recognized the contributions made by the Michael Lacey include Guggenheim and Simons foundations. He also worked with various training grant organizations such as VIGRE and MCTP awards. Both of these grants support needy students through their undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Many students have also benefited from Lacey’s advice, enabling them to excel in their areas of specializations. Lacey also monitored and supervised over 10 Ph.D. students in the past.

Born in 1959, Michael proceeded to study at the University of Illinois in 1987. The problem of Banach spaces probability and iterated logarithm brought out Lacey’s prowess when he got the chance to solve the mathematical problem.

Probability and harmonic analysis are the focus of his work. In 1989, Lacey was employed at Indiana University where he excelled as expected to earn himself a post-doctoral scholarship from the national science foundation.

Michael Lacey and Christoph Thiele worked together in solving the problem of a conjecture subject developed by Alberto Calderon. The problem was so challenging that its solution earned Michael Lacey and Christoph Thiele. The Salem Prize Award.

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