Shervin Pishevar: Bonds And Bitcoin

As many investors know, one sector of the economy usually impacts another sector. Much like ripples in a pond, each new ripple leads to a new development. While some changes are for the better, others make things worse. For venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar, ripples he sees developing in the United States economy in the year ahead will lead to both positive and negative changes. Because of this, he took to Twitter to share his thoughts on these and other topics, all of which were captured during a 21-hour tweet storm.


For many people today, virtual currencies are the most popular way to pay for items, and no virtual currency is more well-known than Bitcoin. However, according to Shervin Pishevar, Bitcoin is poised for a fall of almost 5,000 points in value. If this occurs, many of its investors may panic and immediately pull out. But if they listen to Shervin Pishevar, they will instead stay the course, and will ultimately be rewarded. According to his tweet storm, Bitcoin will not only inch forward to regain its losses, but in fact move ahead stronger than ever, making those investors who never lost faith very rich.


Along with Bitcoin dropping 5,000 points, Shervin Pishevar also tweeted that he sees the U.S. stock market dropping by even more, perhaps as much as 6,000 points. Believing the market will eventually no longer be able to fight off a bond market that is getting stronger and stronger each day, Shervin Pishevar suggests that to avoid huge losses and wait out the decline, investors turn their attention to gold and other precious metals, all of which will be profitable and safe during this time.


And as a parting comment, Shervin Pishevar feels that Silicon Valley may be in need of an overhaul. Losing ground to competitors in numerous areas of innovation and marketing, he feels Silicon Valley companies need to reexamine their priorities and return to a commitment to excellence they had when many companies first came into existence. By doing so, he thinks they may eventually regain their standing as the world leaders in technology.

James River Capital Always Seeks Improvement

The investment firm, James River Capital Corp, is an organization that is located in the southern state of Virginia. It was founded in 1986 by Paul Saunders, an accomplished adviser, whose education includes degrees from the University of Virginia and the University of Chicago.


In a recent article published by the company’s blog, the firm explains the importance of leadership and the importance of adopting different methods of leading a team to complete a task. They acknowledge that it isn’t easy to be a great leader and that it takes a large amount of time and concentrated effort to develop qualities that make for an excellent work environment. In the blog post, James River Capital breaks down the different methods of leading that they felt were the best as a result of conducted research on multiple companies.


The first method involves support. The firm emphasizes the importance of supporting the team rather than just leading them. While it is a small change in terms of perspective, it can make great long-term impacts that will boost the morale of the team members that are being led. It is more of a mentality shift that can be applied when it comes to interacting with them so that they feel empowered and ready to do their job rather than being told just what to do. Learn more:


In the second paragraph. the blog post discusses how important it is to have an open dialogue between both employers and employees. Transparent communication between workers and their bosses allows room for more collaboration and positive results that will bode well for the company for both short and long-term reasons. A method that works within this idea is for the employer to acknowledge the appreciation of these types of conversations being brought up between themselves and the employee. It gives them the sense of “psychological safety” so that they can continue to work productively without worrying about a conflict that could threaten their employment. The paragraph also encourages everyone to speak up during team meetings, where collaboration and constructive criticism can be done in a healthy manner.


The final paragraph of the article ties together the topics that were discussed in the previous two. It mentions that taking somebody’s opinion into consideration matters, especially in collaborative environments such as team meetings. Bosses are highly encouraged to keep a list of who speaks the most so that they can find ways to engage the groups of people that may be quieter on occasions such as these. This way, the boss is being overly pushy and still keeps everybody involved.


Glen Wakeman and his Business Over the Years

Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman started his career in business over 30 years ago. Up to date, his focus is on the LaunchPad Holdings which he co-founded and is currently leading as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Glen Wakeman is also the founder and President of the business accelerator Nova Four. The company provides access to capital and strategic advice.


The LaunchPad Holdings is dedicated to early-stage entrepreneurs. The company’s product,, offers entrepreneurs services for online business planning. The SAAS website makes use of digital marketing to reach more costumers. Additionally, Mr. Glen Wakeman has been working with the company GE Capital for the past twenty years. His roles have been in the fields of general management, asking Mr. Glen Wakeman to live and work around the United States of America and in several countries abroad. Most recently, Mr. Glen Wakeman was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the GE Money branch based in Latin America. In his role, Mr. Glen Wakeman established a wide-scope operation from the ground up that spans over nine countries and exceeds a worth of $2 billion and has more than 17,000 employees.


Under his leadership, the business came out with dozens of new products and signed a vast number of partnerships that helped the company establish a network comprising of more than a thousand offices across Latin America. Before that, Mr. Glen Wakeman was the General Director of the GR Capital, as well as Global Insurance Ventures. He worked in the United Kingdom, in London, where he was responsible for creating and executing strategies for a few businesses. They grew their net income from $2 million to $10 million and increased their assets by $3 billion.


Mr. Glen Wakeman has been directing his focus towards the LaunchPad Holdings lately. the business stemmed from his passion for visualizing ideas as the early stage of the path towards turning them into reality. Mr. Glen Wakeman has been using visualization as a tool since the early years of his career in business. He believes that explaining his ideas to investors and business partners has also helped him progress in his line of work over the years.