CEO, Steve Ritchie, Uses A Three-Pronged Approach To Recoup Customer Good-Will From A Morass Of Negativity

People make mistakes and so do corporations. However, as relevant as the damage from such mistakes can be, corrections are often equally relevant at mitigating said damage. Any pilot will tell you that the flight course from point A to point B is usually not a straight line. In-flight corrections are made continuously to avoid things like headwinds and ash clouds. In short, corrections are a vital part of getting the plane to its intended destination, even when the plane is a pizza corporation and the destination is the good-will of its customers.

Recently, the straightaway from the third largest takeaway and delivery pizza establishment in the U.S., Papa Johns, to the good-will of its intended audience was obstructed. The roadblock to the goodwill came in the form of actions taken by a former Papa John corporate member.

To regain the goodwill of its customers, CEO, Steve Ritchie, used a three-pronged approach. Firstly, he stepped up and apologized for words and actions taken by an erstwhile member of the Papa John family, making sure to point out that the family in question is one with well over 100 thousand hard-working individuals, located around the globe. In doing so, Steve Ritchie made certain to bring home to those being addressed that one person’s views and actions cannot accurately be construed as speaking for the entire Papa John community.

In pointing out that one person’s views can only be attributed to one man, Steve Ritchie (@PapaJohns) made sure to distance Papa Johns still further from negative actions taken from a former Papa Johns employee. Thirdly, Ritchie promised to take significant, steps to ensure negativity would not remain a part of the Papa John culture, promising to make a thorough review of company practices and to furthermore set up meetings with franchises and team members, thus acquiring vital insight.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s also promised that the process would be shared with customers in a transparent manner. So, while a serious obstruction did find its way onto the Papa John trajectory to customer good-will, the pilot, Steve Ritchie, did manage to land the plane.

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