How Ryan Seacrest Dresses for Success

Ryan Seacrest sat down with the New York Times and filled in fans on his self-care routine, including what he does in the morning and how he disengages from social media throughout the day. With his busy life, Ryan Seacrest has to stick to a routine. to The 43-year-old moved to New York from Los Angeles last year to host Live With Kelly and Ryan among his many other TV and radio entertainment jobs. He hosts his own radio show, On Air With Ryan, produces TV shows, and hosts American Idol. Add to that Ryan Seacrest’s clothing and skincare lines, Distinction and Polish, and his charity, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which aims to inspire youth through the entertainment industry. With such a busy life, fans must wonder how the star keeps himself looking so refreshed and sounding so lively.

Ryan Seacrest told the New York Times that he wakes up early with a morning routine that includes matcha tea. He works out in the morning, usually by boxing or running. While Ryan Seacrest says that he watches TV and reads the news in the morning, he also knows when to take a break from media and people in general. He said that in the afternoon, he takes more time to himself to process events internally. Sometimes, Ryan Seacrest has even locked his phone away in a safe to give himself a forced break from the device, he said. While the star is a strict vegan eater, he is reportedly not into meditation. Ryan Seacrest says he gets “too distracted” for the relaxation technique.

However, the key to Ryan Seacrest’s success he attributes to one detail: making his job look easy. He finalized his interview by sharing this one piece of advice he learned from his time working with Dick Clark. Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) really does make his job look easy, and there is no doubt that his excellent self-care routine plays a role in his success.

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