Drew Madden at the Head of the Industry

Let’s face it: If it weren’t for pioneers in the field of healthcare IT, we’d live in a very different world. Prescription medication wouldn’t be filled the same way, clients couldn’t get their hands on the medicine they need with nearly the expediency, and patient records would take weeks to acquire. In fact, the only way healthcare IT couldn’t exist in this day and age is if we didn’t have the Internet to begin with. It’s thanks to industry legends like Drew Madden that we can enjoy the seamless experience of obtaining our prescriptions quickly and accurately.

This is important for a company like CVS to survive in the growing world, especially with all that the Internet brings. Amazon is the talk of the town right now, and they’ve recently decided to take their first steps into the provision of medical equipment, which is evidently leading into the delivery of prescription medications in the near future as soon as they acquire the licensing for it. This is excellent news for customers and not-so-great news for CVS, which reflexively advanced on Aetna with intent to buy in their own self-defense.

Honestly, nobody can blame them.

This is what the Internet is doing to brick-and-mortar companies: It’s putting some out of business, causing others to run far enough into the ground that they submit to buyout, and forcing the witnesses to react accordingly to prevent the same scenario from being repeated on their own turf. Picking up Aetna will be a great move on CVS’ part because it’ll allow them to sell health insurance in their own stores right next to the other bevy of services they currently provide, which will give them an irreconcilable advantage over Amazon.

While Amazon’s next move will be the drone delivery of medications for clients in need, CVS will likely place their focus on exceeding expectations in healthcare IT to maximize on their all-in-one offerings, and this is where the help of Drew Madden will be important. For an industry-leading company to stay at the helm, CVS will need an industry-leading executive in medical IT to help them stay on top of the back-end support for their services, and this provides undoubtedly interesting insight into the direction that our world will be taking in years to come.

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