Betsy DeVos Ready to go to Work in Washington.

There seems to be a general change in the air of the United States government. The American people voted en masse during the 2016 Presidential Election and Donald Trump came out the victor. Trump campaigned on bringing reformation to Washington D.C. and by offering to invite political outsiders to the table for the first time in a long time. If we are talking about political outsiders and reformers then Betsy DeVos, the recently appointed Secretary of Education, deserves a position right in the middle of the conversation. Betsy DeVos will be taking up the post of Secretary of Education at the Department of Education amid slight controversy that she isn’t prepared or ready for the work that will entail. However, in looking back over DeVos’ history it is quickly apparent that she is more than ready to work, she is willing to be the political bulldog needed to make a difference.


When President Trump nominated Betsy DeVos for the Secretary of Education position, much of the world simply shrugged. On a national scale, Betsy DeVos simply didn’t have any kind of real reach. Betsy DeVos has spent the past thirty years in Michigan’s politics becoming one of the most well-known school choice activists in the country. Her work popularizing Milton Friedman’s original writings has been essential in the reformation of Michigan’s school system. Of course, Betsy has also been busy helping out the Republican Party in general. Learn more:


Betsy Devos has severed as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party platform for years now and through this role, she has become something of a steady hand behind the scenes. Ostensibly, Betsy DeVos is as polite and easy to talk to as anyone in the world, however, when it comes time to bargain she becomes the bulldog that her position requires. Betsy DeVos has received high praise from both sides of the aisle for being willing to absolutely hammer onto a position and hold it in the face of adversity and opposition and that will be incredibly important in an increasingly divisive political atmosphere.


What makes Betsy DeVos truly effective, however, is her willingness to stand by her values over those of her political party. There will be times when DeVos and Trump butt heads and DeVos has shown herself willing to stick to her guns rather than just fall into the cycle of becoming a paper tiger. The future of American education is in DeVos’ hands and the world will be watching.

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  1. It can be fair to say, at least in some cases, that Donald Trump has put in the right fit for some of the roles. You hardly lack review for professionals and I think because of this America can be truly great soon. However, there is need to mind the total control of knowledge which is imminent with what the government is up to.

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