Fabletics Can Not Be Beaten In Their Marketing Strategy

There is no doubt that Techstyle Fashion Group is doing well. Their Fabletics brand has grown tremendously since they started, with over a million subscribers and new subscribers joining every month. It should not be hard to figure out what they are doing to achieve this success. All you have to do is look into their marketing strategy and start noticing some patterns.


If you do some online searches about Fabletics, you will discover something very interesting. You will find out that there are just so many positive reviews about them. If you go to Trustpilot, for example, you will see tens of thousands of reviews, with thousands of five star reviews. This is not the exception when it comes to Fabletics. In fact, they have so many online reviews that it is the secret to their success.


Here is how it works. When someone hears about Fabletics for the first time, they want to know more. That is why they will go online and do some online searches. Once they do that, they will discover exactly what you discovered. In other words, they will see thousands of people raving on and on about how great Fabletics is. This will cause them to think that Fabletics is great, and they will want to buy whatever Fabletics has to offer. If they were unsure of whether or not they wanted to become a Fabletics customer before, they will be certain of it now. This is the power of reviews on the internet. They hold a secret key to making people interested and gaining people’s trust.


It is pretty simple logic, actually. The law of social proof dictates that the crowd has the power to influence the mindset and the opinions of other people. If you see that so many people are of the opinion that Fabletics can not be beaten, you will not hesitate to come to that conclusion yourself. This is why Fabletics is so successful, and it is something that you should consider doing for your own business as well.


Why does this work so well? Studies have shown that the trust people have in online reviews is extremely high. There is no doubt that people trust these reviews. They trust what other people are saying on the internet. If they are saying that something is good, there is no doubt in the reader’s mind that the thing is actually good. These reviews, even if they are written by people who are anonymous, have the power of influencing the minds of hundreds of potential customers. You need to make sure that you do this so that you start pulling new customers in.


Another reason Fabletics is so successful is because of the people on their team. Kate Hudson is the shining example of the greatness of the people on their team. A former actress, she has proven her capabilities in the marketing world. Fabletics has designed a great quiz for you.