How Dick DeVos is Helping Communities through Charitable Donations

Dick DeVos is a prominent businessman and politician from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is largely recognized for his political and charitable contributions towards various causes, especially in Michigan. Throughout their lifetimes, Dick’s family has contributed close to $140 million. Two years ago, they doled out over $11.5 million to support various philanthropic programs. Large portion of this donation was used to fund various education causes. According to Dick, the current system of education does not help learners achieve the desired goals. He further added that it has become a civil rights issue where some kids are discriminated purposely because of their backgrounds. Through various initiatives, Dick and his wife Betsy have managed to secure vouchers and tax credits to fund charter schools in different states.


According to John Truscott, a representative of DeVos’ family said the report about the donations can be found on the foundation’s website, and it was a reflection of their commitment to transparency about their financial contributions. He further added the report was to be made public regardless of Mrs. DeVos nomination by President Donald Trump. Dick DeVos explained that the foundation’s contributions are in line with charitable organizations’ criteria. Some have been used to fund the advocacy group for charter schools, the Great Lakes Education Foundation. Mr. DeVos further insisted that large percentage of their contributions is aimed at assisting communities directly. He added that they are not political groups seeking to advance other political agendas as some critics say, but their aim is to serve the people.


After launching aviation school five years ago, the first group of students graduated last year, and Mr. and Mrs. DeVos were proud of their achievements. The school specialized in aeronautical engineering, STEM and robotics. One-third of students at this school are regarded as economically disadvantaged while about 40% are from minority groups.


Dick DeVos’ Personal and Career Profile


From 1993 to 2002, Dick DeVos was serving as the President of Amway. He was responsible for managing the operations of the firm in fifty nations. Before he began serving as the President, Dick was the Vice President at Amway International where he managed the entity’s operations in 18 different countries. During his tenure, the firm established new markets and its global sales surpassed domestic sales, something that had not happened before. In 1991, his family acquired Orlando Magic club and Mr. DeVos served as CEO and President for three years. Dick graduated from Northwood University and he is a qualified pilot. Dick DeVos was running to be elected the Governor of Michigan on Republican Party in 2006, but unfortunately he lost. He is the author of “Rediscovering American Values”, which was published in the late 1990s and is translated into seven languages. Currently, Dick is serving as The Windquest Group’s President.



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