How Dick DeVos is Helping Communities through Charitable Donations

Dick DeVos is a prominent businessman and politician from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is largely recognized for his political and charitable contributions towards various causes, especially in Michigan. Throughout their lifetimes, Dick’s family has contributed close to $140 million. Two years ago, they doled out over $11.5 million to support various philanthropic programs. Large portion of this donation was used to fund various education causes. According to Dick, the current system of education does not help learners achieve the desired goals. He further added that it has become a civil rights issue where some kids are discriminated purposely because of their backgrounds. Through various initiatives, Dick and his wife Betsy have managed to secure vouchers and tax credits to fund charter schools in different states.


According to John Truscott, a representative of DeVos’ family said the report about the donations can be found on the foundation’s website, and it was a reflection of their commitment to transparency about their financial contributions. He further added the report was to be made public regardless of Mrs. DeVos nomination by President Donald Trump. Dick DeVos explained that the foundation’s contributions are in line with charitable organizations’ criteria. Some have been used to fund the advocacy group for charter schools, the Great Lakes Education Foundation. Mr. DeVos further insisted that large percentage of their contributions is aimed at assisting communities directly. He added that they are not political groups seeking to advance other political agendas as some critics say, but their aim is to serve the people.


After launching aviation school five years ago, the first group of students graduated last year, and Mr. and Mrs. DeVos were proud of their achievements. The school specialized in aeronautical engineering, STEM and robotics. One-third of students at this school are regarded as economically disadvantaged while about 40% are from minority groups.


Dick DeVos’ Personal and Career Profile


From 1993 to 2002, Dick DeVos was serving as the President of Amway. He was responsible for managing the operations of the firm in fifty nations. Before he began serving as the President, Dick was the Vice President at Amway International where he managed the entity’s operations in 18 different countries. During his tenure, the firm established new markets and its global sales surpassed domestic sales, something that had not happened before. In 1991, his family acquired Orlando Magic club and Mr. DeVos served as CEO and President for three years. Dick graduated from Northwood University and he is a qualified pilot. Dick DeVos was running to be elected the Governor of Michigan on Republican Party in 2006, but unfortunately he lost. He is the author of “Rediscovering American Values”, which was published in the late 1990s and is translated into seven languages. Currently, Dick is serving as The Windquest Group’s President.



How The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Improves Traffic Flow

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is tasked with improving mobility in Austin, Texas, and the suburbs that surround it. One of the big challenges in the area in regards to transportation is that much of the growth in the population is in the suburbs while the job growth is mostly in Austin. Getting people into and out of the city in an efficient manner is what the CTRMA is all about.

The Executive Director of the CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein, has said that they have a number of mobility solutions. This sometimes means building a road, other times it means better incorporating technology into the transportation system, while at other times it means better mass transit solutions. He added that the heart of the mission at the CTRMA is to deliver innovative solutions to decrease traffic congestion and commute times.

The CTRMA has built a number of toll roads in the area, which includes Travis and Williamson counties. These have helped to greatly reduce road capacity in areas that have experienced rapid growth. They are also building MoPac Express Lanes which rely on variable tolling. Mike Heiligenstein has said that these lanes incorporate very sophisticated technology which monitors speeds and traffic patterns in order to keep these lanes operating optimally. However, this doesn’t mean his agency can entirely get rid of congestion, they can only mitigate it.Learn more :

In the future, the CTRMA will start making the roads themselves smarter. They will have fiber lines embedded in them so that upcoming cars can each talk to the road to find out about the best way of getting where the people in the car need to go. They will also be releasing a smartphone app that will incorporate the agency’s traffic monitoring system which will tell users the best routes to take to their destination, plus another app that will help people create carpooling opportunities.Learn more :

The CTRMA is a public agency that was founded in 2002. It has a seven-member Board of Directors which is made up of three officials from each of the counties plus Mike Heiligenstein overseeing the agency. They have been given the authority to put in place transportation systems including transit services, roads, seaports, and airports. In order to pay for their projects they can issue revenue bonds as well as charge tolls and taxes in order to pay off the bonds they issue.Learn more :


Moral Character Is As Important To Eva Moskowitz As Academics

Education has always played a major role in the life of Success Academy founder Eva Moskowitz who spent a long career passing through various educational institutions as she sought to continue her education in its most effective form.

The issues seen by Eva Moskowitz in the Harlem public school system prompted her to run for office in local government on a series of reform policies in Harlem and across New York; the Johns Hopkins graduate became known in political circles for her skills as an investigator who was known to look at every possible aspect of the Harlem public school system as she set out to create a better experience for students across Harlem and the 32 campuses across the state of New York.


The founder of the Success Academy has seen the school outperform Harlem’s public school system in terms of test results, but for Eva Moskowitz the need to build positive members of society is far more important than simply achieving academic success; the academic achievements of Eva Moskowitz saw her become a History professor and an important member of the Prep for Prep group that provided mentors for gifted students from minority backgrounds. Using her own knowledge of the education system has seen Eva become a major part of the national education reform movement as the charter school system she founded is now seen as a major part of the success achieved in new York and beyond on behalf of students who may not have been able to achieve similar levels of achievement in the public school system.


The Success Academy has been a major success for Eva Moskowitz and the thousands of students who attend these charter schools on a regular basis where a common sense approach to school is being taken. One aspect of education that has been addressed at Success Academy is the return of an education focused on the children, not on making it as easy as possible for adults to operate the public school system in the easiest possible form.

Honey Birdette Will Expand Your Horizon

Honey Birdette has just launched its new US e-commerce site because of its huge 374% increase in sales over 12 months from its US market. The new site will enhance the experience of the customer by providing faster shipping, easier returns, and free shipping on any order over $50.

Honey Birdette, as seen on Instagram, was founded in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan, an Australian entrepreneur, and is targeting the US for its retail market, Honey Birdette has already begun to expand in to the UK market, with stores in Leeds’ Victoria Gate, Westfield White City, and in London’s Covent Garden, the first store to venture outside of Australia.

Honey Birdette has plans to open up 10 more stores in the UK, including at Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Westfield Stratford. There are even plans for 40 additional stores by the end of next year. In just Australia alone, there are already 55 Honey Birdettes stores and Europe is on the horizon for future locations.

Honey Birdette was created by two friends in a brainstorm in 2006. they were discussing how there just wasn’t a very enticing market when it came to lingerie and adult items, so they decided to start their own line.

Honey Birdette isn’t just about lingerie, but the brand makes many enticing bedroom items, including cuffs, collars, harnesses, and even massage candles. When you walk through the glossy black doors of one of their boutiques, you will enjoy a lush décor setting and you can even ring a bell for champagne. As you browse the collections you will have oyur whole world open up to new and exciting ideas you haven’t even thought of. Honey Birdette specializes in bringing the spark back to the bedroom and will be a fun experience from beginning to end whether you shop in store or online.

Find more Honey Birdette on YouTube.